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Due to the increase in traffic from grubby freeloaders (hey, we're ones too!), our hosting costs have been spiked. We are currently running on a Dual Core Intel Conroe system with 2GB of RAM. Costs are over $200/month and rising. We could use your support to keep things running. We're also working on adding new solutions and puzzles. Ever wanted a Sudoku solver?

Besides, isn't helping you to win free stuff from Microsoft deserving of some thanks?

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Nothing says "We love you" like a good link. If you like our services (of course you do!), let others know by linking to us. We'd prefer to be known as the "Best Puzzle Solutions Site" or "Handsome Geeks" but a simple link saying "Microsoft Puzzle Solutions" will work too.

Here's the code for cut & paste bliss.

<a href="http://www.anagramssolved.com/">Best Puzzle Solutions Site</a>
<a href="http://www.anagramssolved.com/">Microsoft Puzzle Solutions</a>

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If you haven't told your friends yet about Microsoft's Generosity, perhaps you should E-mail them. Oh, and tell them about us too. Unless you don't like them and want them to work really hard for their points. Which is ok with us, but they're gonna be steamed when they find out it only took you 30 seconds to get the answers when it takes their dummy self 15 minutes.

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Please visit our sponsors below. Note: While Google Ads is a sponsor, please do not click on their links unless the ad appeals to you. We appreciate your support.

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When we're not working to support our habits (cars, food, housing, etc.), playing with our kids, and trying to keep our spouses happy, we like to sleep. We like to, but don't really get to because we are working on this site (and others). So if you want something done, let us know and we'll look into it. We probaly won't be able to send you a personal thank you, (cause then I'll never get any sleep) but we appreciate it and will try to take it into consideration for enhancements.

Please also send us prize reports. Let us know what you got, when you ordered it and when it came. We'll post the best ones up as inspiration for others as soon as we can. Hopefully we can figure out when our prizes will arrive better than the '6-8wks' canned email.

Huh? Oh you want our email address. E-mail us. Please don't make me have to obfuscate it by sending me spam. Google does a pretty good job of filtering that stuff out.

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*Coming soon!*

What's better than Microsoft giving away free stuff? Us giving away free stuff. We are working hard on a rewards program that is meaningful and which we can support. We'd love to be able to give away $100,000 like Winzy.com can, but honestly, we can't afford it. If the above sponsor links generate enough to cover costs, we'll give away prizes to you, our favorite users.

Details forthcoming