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Flexicon Puzzles Solved - Solutions to over 1000 Flexicon Puzzles!

Update: M$ has changed their puzzles. Please, if you work out the answer, submit it the answer via the link below.

Flexicon is a fun and compact crossword puzzle that has multiple box groups. Once they are filled in, the answer to the puzzle clue is given as an answer that runs across all box groups.

Enter the highlighted clue below and search for the answers!

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New Answers have been added as of 01/21/2009. Sorry for the delay and thanks for the submissions!

Hint 1: Use as short a clue as possible

Hint 2: Weird characters in the clue are not searchable (single quotes and "to" apparently mess up the search)

Hint 3: If you're tired of typing, try Auto Type

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Note: some answers maybe incomplete or may not work with Auto-Type. We are trying to come up with a solution

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  • General Help Most of the solutions above require a clue that is typed in a search box. Effective clues are usually the question phrase given in the puzzle. Once you search, likely candidates are returned and you can click the result that matches your query. The answers should be on the resulting page. If no search results are returned, check your spelling and try again with less keywords.
  • Anagrams (Chicktionary). Click on Anagram Solutions. Enter your scrambled word in "Give me letters", press "Solve"
  • Flexicon Puzzles. Click on Flexicon Solutions. Type in the Flexicon clue (the one in orange, or the one that is same across all boxes) surrounded by " in the "Give me a clue" box, press "Search". This gives you possible solutions, click on "Get Solution" and type in the answers. You don't have to type in the whole clue, just the first few words.
  • Clink, Crosswire, Dingbats and Seekadoo. Very similar to Flexicon. Click on the proper link on the left, enter a clue and press "Search". Click on the "Get Solution" link for the answers.