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  • Enlisted turdferguson says: Rock Band!!!
  • Enlisted drunkie says: :)
  • Enlisted badgirl4life320 says: I just found out about live search club a couple months ago...I have gotten zoo tycoon 2 and a set of earbuds...working on a camcorder now have 20,000 tickets to go...then gonna get the roomba...long way to go but i love the games and this site is very helpful...wish i knew how to enter solutions to other games besides flexicon though
  • Enlisted nosferat says: So far I have received the XBox 360, I have the camcorder on order and it should arrive next week. I also have Rock Band on order and that should be here in July. Now I am just saving points for the next cool thing to come out.
  • Enlisted dominicwish says: Zune and Rock Band
  • Enlisted rapterj says: I am the Patron Saint of Lost Words and Forgotten Memories.
  • Enlisted rafaelzepe says: im trying to get the camera and the mixer!
  • Enlisted bjtrooper says: i r jabba the hut
  • Enlisted rock86man says: .
  • Enlisted popola says: dfjnk
  • Enlisted adugan717 says: Wireless Keyboard
  • Enlisted moonmaiden says: I'm saving up for the toaster, mixer, camera, or xbox :) It depends on how low I can hold out!
  • Enlisted shawty18 says: just here to have fun i guess. welll holla.
  • Enlisted Vince says: wtf
  • Enlisted jayrama81 says: Whats up everyone?! Already got the Canon Powershot and what a great prize that is! Thanks ANAGRAMS SOLVED!!!
  • Enlisted neslracnod says: afd
  • Enlisted kelsermelser says: i always submit answers but it never shows my name :( ill keep trying anyway though, this site is bomb!
  • Enlisted nycfresh13 says: getiin a zune for my bday
  • Enlisted anthonylikes2chat says: My name is Anthony but you can call me Centaur. I'm a spontaneous, adventurous, 6'2" 210 lbs, brown-eyed guy from Southern California. I'm of mixed ethnic background... in other words I'm a mutt. Anything else you want to know ask
  • Enlisted mtnheathr says: I am a 34 year old stay at home mom to three kids. I started out playing to earn an xbox for my son.... It takes a lot of time to play these games, even if you know the answers that earning tickets is very slow going. We ended up buying an xbox for my son so I gave my tickets to charity. I still play though. I am thinking of saving up for one of the biggest prizes.

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