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Anagrams Solved - Solutions to single word anagrams and its sub-word combinations

Anagrams are words that contain the same letters. TEAM is an anagram of MEAT. A sub-word anagram would be EAT or even MET. This site is dedicated to helping you solve single word anagrams and their sub-word anagrams. From a maximum of 29 letters down to a minimum of 3.

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As of today, the Scrabble word score is now being calculated! You can see the Scrabble score of each word at the beginning of each word now. So link to us and let your scrabble friends know!

The prefix entry restricts the response to only words starting with that exact prefix

The postfix entry similarly restricts answers to words that end with that exact phrase.

Contains restricts answers to those that have that phrase. If there are missing letters, the results will be empty. Adding the CONTAINS into the LETTERS will solve that problem. This is useful for searching words that go through other words. Also allows for pattern matching by using a very limited regular expression match. Entering "^..x" will return only results having 'x' as the third character. "e.$" will return possible words with the second to last character of 'e'. ".y." or "y" will return words that contain a 'y', ".y." will return only words that are atleast 3 characters long having a 'y' between any other 2 characters.

If you're logged in, the Auto-typer has been fixed to work for Spelling Bee and Word Slugger

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How to use this site

  • General Help Most of the solutions above require a clue that is typed in a search box. Effective clues are usually the question phrase given in the puzzle. Once you search, likely candidates are returned and you can click the result that matches your query. The answers should be on the resulting page. If no search results are returned, check your spelling and try again with less keywords.
  • Anagrams (Chicktionary). Click on Anagram Solutions. Enter your scrambled word in "Give me letters", press "Solve"
  • Flexicon Puzzles. Click on Flexicon Solutions. Type in the Flexicon clue (the one in orange, or the one that is same across all boxes) surrounded by " in the "Give me a clue" box, press "Search". This gives you possible solutions, click on "Get Solution" and type in the answers. You don't have to type in the whole clue, just the first few words.
  • Clink, Crosswire, Dingbats and Seekadoo. Very similar to Flexicon. Click on the proper link on the left, enter a clue and press "Search". Click on the "Get Solution" link for the answers.